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Helping Others to Swim

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Eliminate Drowning

Did you know drowning is the 2nd leading cause of unintentional injury related death for children between the ages of 1-14?

The H2Os Foundation is a non-profit organization founded to provide aquatic opportunities to underprivileged individuals. The H2O’s Foundation has a mission to eradicate drowning in the South Florida Community, to promote an active and healthy lifestyle through aquatics, and offer the potential for career enhancing opportunities.

We Save Lives

We are always looking for partnering swim schools in South Florida to provide funding to ensure that every child becomes a swimmer. 

The H2Os Foundation through grants, generous donations, events, and strategic corporate partnerships offers children and youth a unique opportunity to learn a lifesaving skill, and more importantly a life-long commitment to a healthy lifestyle

Get Involved

If you want to join us in our mission to make South Florida Drown Proof, a small donation can go a long way

LIFE SAVER $2000+ Your donation goes towards sponsoring 15 children for 10-14 weeks of lessons from certified educational aquatic professionals.

SHEPHERD’S CROOK $1000-$2000 Your donation will sponsor a group of 10 children for 10-14 weeks of swim lessons by certified educational aquatic professionals.

FINS $500-$1000 Your kind donation will aid in sponsoring 5 children for 10-14 weeks of lessons.

GOGGLE $50-$100 Your donation will assist in sponsoring one child for 10-14 weeks of lessons from certified educational aquatic professionals.


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“We have not only provided them with a lifesaving skill, but now, they also have the opportunity to continue to become certified lifeguards, water safety instructors, or even realize an Olympic Dream.” 

Helping Others To Swim

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